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How it Works

Our journey began before member #1

We began this exciting journey with the generous support of our individual Founders who have donated exactly $1,000 each. We have decided to treat any individual’s support of more than $1,000 as an interest-free loan which will be repaid to them once our financial resources will allow it. We have further decided to limit the amount of such loans to a maximum of $9,000 per person.

These decisions were made early in our formation so that We The People would never be influenced by large cash donors or other types of benefactors. The organization will not take any free goods, services or cash donations from any corporation, under any circumstances, and pays the then prevailing rates for all outside products and services it procures. We are still accepting funds from new Founders up to a maximum number of 250 so please click here to let us know are interested.

We The People is committed to transparency in all of our finances and will make our quarterly financial reports available to our members and the public.

What do we do with the funds we collect?

Each of our members pays $9.95 per month to our 501(c)4 nonprofit. We hope to attract as many as 2 million members over time. What will we do with all that money? The answer depends on how many members we have at any given time.

Once we reach 10,000 members

Once we’ve reached 10,000 members, we will have convened the first formal meetings of our five working groups to prioritize and refine our positions on a total of not more 10 initial public policy initiatives. Each of these will be put to a separate vote our membership and only the initiatives that receive a supermajority (>67%) of the support of our members will advance to the active phase. When an initiative is deemed to be active, it will have an assigned internal advocate and receive monthly budget dollars to advance it in Washington. We will want some early victories, so we’ll limit the scope of these early initiatives to ones that we can realistically accomplish with the resource constraints we are operating under at the time. Our weekly email reporting will include a regular progress report on our active initiatives and our efforts to expand this list of organizational activities. Each of our working groups will grow in scope over time and likely divide into two or more focused sub-groups once we have the administrative capacity to handle that expansion.

On our way to 10,000 members

In this earliest growth phase, our financial resources will be limited. We will have hired a small full-time staff while making extensive use of part-time contractors and volunteers. We’ll operate this website, build an email list of interested followers and paying members and publish a weekly email to each group which keeps our followers and members up-to-date on our progress and current member count. Our outreach during this crucial period will consist of identifying social media influencers from across the political spectrum to make sure our member base grows in an inclusive and balanced manner. We will begin soliciting ideas and feedback from our member base to improve public policy in each of five broad categories;

  • Healthcare and Medical Research
  • Domestic and Foreign Policy
  • Finance, Banking and Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Education, Technology and Privacy

We’ll form five working groups of volunteer members who bring experience and leadership  and reach out to established public policy research organizations to form alliances and gain access to their work.

When we exceed 100,000 members

Once we reach this critical growth milestone, we’ll form our Super PAC which will give us the ability to influence federal elections through targeted media buys in support of candidates which can best advance the public policy platform of We The People. We aren’t permitted to coordinate this spending with any candidates directly, but we can use our Super PAC to help get the word out that a candidate is committed work with us to advance our member interests.

By this time, we’ll have our own full-time ‘feet on the ground’ in Washington and likely, an office there.

We'll keep you updated on our progress, and let you know how you can help us unite in action.