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We know the system is broken

Money equals power in Washington. Lobbyists, PACs, Super PACs all have the ear of legislators whether we like it or not.  Special interests have become so entrenched that it’s no longer possible to separate their ‘needs’ from ours. It’s clear that the American people must organize and take action or we will continue to be marginalized and divided.  We must join together in large numbers, reach consensus on the issues that we care most about and apply our collective resources to advocate for them. That is We The People’s mission.

The organization we are seeking to create includes millions of highly engaged voters from the left, middle, and right of the political spectrum. From every state and all walks of life. With the collective resources to shift the balance of power away from large corporations and their Washington lobbyists. United in action to effect change. We hope you will read on and decide to join our movement today.

Don’t get mad, get organized.

How does it work?


It enters a review period where it is up/down voted by our liberal, independent and conservative Member groups. It must garner a simple majority of each to advance. This process ensures that every Proposition has broad support across party lines.


Proposition must then receive support from a supermajority of all Members to be included in our Platform as an Issue. We spend Member resources advocating for all of the Issues in our Platform.

We'll advocate for the Issues...

...that have the support of each of our liberal, independent and conservative Member groups
...and have the support of a supermajority of all of our Members

Domestic and Foreign Policy

What is the common ground between gun owners and gun safety advocates? Does the present threat of domestic terrorism justify the loss of life and cost of our current military actions? How do the American people want to deal with those living in our country illegally? Should we open our doors to more scientists and engineers from around the world?

Healthcare, wellness and pharmaceuticals

How do we control spiraling healthcare costs without sacrificing our quality of care? What are the forces that oppose populist change in the healthcare market? How do we move to more transparency in pricing and outcomes? Should we lift the federal ban on the research into long term effects of marijuana use?

Sustainability and the environment

How can we accelerate the development of environmentally sustainable consumer packaging and products? How can we improve the quality of our air and the safety of our food and water sources? What are our best options to reverse the buildup of CO2 and methane in our global atmosphere?

Privacy, technology, education and the Internet

Who owns your personal data and what rights should you have over it? How do we improve access to STEM education for all Americans? Do we need more trade schools and career options for our youth? How do we enforce intellectual property rights in an interconnected world?

Taxation, Finance and Banking

Should we allow major corporations to pay large fines in lieu of prison sentences? Should there be a cap on the amount of executive compensation that a company can deduct on its tax return? Should government insured banks be allowed to put taxpayers at risk again? Should we reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act? Should directors and officers of bankrupt companies be barred from receiving ongoing benefits from them?

If you can afford Netflix, you can afford to fix America

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