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Frequently Asked Questions

The idea for a subscription-based political advocacy organization stemmed from an impromptu conversation among friends at a Starbucks in Portland, OR in March of 2018. It began to take shape a week later as “$9.95 for change.” The domain, WeThePeople.org, was secured shortly after that. A slide deck and manifesto was drafted which resulted in more than two dozen Founders committing funds before the design of this public website had even begun.

Wethepeople.org, Inc. is a 501(c)4 nonprofit corporation which is not eligible to receive tax deductible donations. The reason we decided to form as a 501(c)4 is so that our member funds could be used for more than just research and educational purposes. We will work closely with 501(c)3 public policy research and academic organizations to advance their work into real-world change. We will directly influence legislation through advocacy and lobbying and the support of candidates who support our member’s vision.

All Issues will begin as Member-submitted Propositions. Propositions will be published on our site and receive feedback in the form of up/down votes by our Members. In order to advance to a full vote of our Membership, a Proposition must receive positive support from our conservative, independent and liberal Member groups. Based on comments received from ‘down voting’ Members, the author may need to modify their Proposition to make it more appealing to one of more of those groups.

We’ll publish a defined structure that every Proposition must comply with and assign a resource on our staff to assist Members in the drafting process. All Propositions (and therefore all Issues and our entire Platform) originate with our Members. We The People isn’t ‘for’ or ‘against’ anything aside from providing a platform for civil discourse, creative problem solving and consensus building.

We strive to keep our Member base balanced and representative of the roughly equal split between conservatives, independents and liberals in the voting population. In spite of those best efforts, there will often be times where one of those groups may outnumber the others. Requiring that every Proposition appeal to at least a simple majority of each of those groups ensures that our Member balance doesn’t cause any group to lose their voice. 

We are looking for more than a simple majority of Member support to advance an issue to our Platform. We don’t want to work on Issues that divide our members, since our goal is always Member unity in our actions. We believe at least a 2/3 majority is appropriate, but we’ll experiment with that number and may raise or lower it over time.

All the Issues in our Platform will have an internal champion and a monthly budget. Our internal champion will be responsible for allocating the budget between advocacy, public awareness (social media and other advertising) and in some cases, political campaign influence. We’ll report monthly to our Members how much was spent in each area and the progress we are making advancing the issue to public policy. As our Member base grows, our budgets grow with it.

None. We formed our organization on April 12, 2018 and have been working on setting up this website, the software required to support Member voting, our email communications, and staffing critical roles. There is more information about our growth plans here.

Yes and no. Since the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in the Citizen’s United case there has been a tidal wave of corporate money entering Washington politics. When a close race is being decided and one of the competing candidates supports the Platform of We the People, while the other is being supported by corporate interests to maintain the status quo, we believe our ability to influence that race will give us a ‘seat at the table’ in Washington that the American people have not had. Citizen’s United established that unlimited political contributions are a protected, first amendment free speech right.  As long as this is the law of the land, We The People believes we need to balance the voices of the well-funded special interests with the voice of the American people.

We are still accepting $1,000 donations from individuals which will add you to our list of Founders. If you would like to give more than that, we’ll accept as much as $9,000 more, but only in the form of a loan which will be repaid when our financials will allow it. This is to ensure equal influence among all members. We won’t accept any money or in-kind donations from corporations. Please email us at donations@wethepeople.org for more information.

We are actively looking to recruit policy experts, data analysts, folks who have experience setting up user based collaboration systems, people with individual as well as crowd-based fundraising skills.

We are actively developing a communications and marketing plan. We hope to rely heavily on our members’ social media networks and will let you know how to follow, support, like and otherwise evangelize We The People.

"If you don't have a seat at the table, you're on the menu"

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