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Thank for you for your interest in getting involved with We The People. There are two ways to become active. The first is to become a member.

Members pay $9.95 per month and participate fully in all decision making with regard to the issues we chose to advance in Washington and the allocation of Super PAC funding in our support of Federal candidates. We’ll ask you to respond to online surveys periodically (generally once a week) to gather feedback and once completed, share those results with you. You’ll also have the ability to join one or more of our working groups which are topic-specific however, the selection of those members will be based on our need for a range of points of view and your relevant domain experience.

Active participation of our members is essential to our success. In the words of Sen. Michael Ezni of WY about Washington, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu”

Become a Founder

The second way you can get involved is to become a Founder of We The People.  Our Founders play a critical role in the early life of our organization while our member base is too small to cover our monthly operating expenses. Each Founder has donated exactly $1,000 to date. Some have advanced additional funds in the form of an interest-free loan of up to $9,000. We expect to repay these loans once our member base grows sufficiently to allow us to do so.

We intend to limit the number of Founders to a maximum of 250, but may increase that number if we deem it necessary. We’ll allow Founders to support us with an additional $1000 donation each year, if they elect to. We’ll maintain this page on our website to recognize each of our Founders and will respect your right to remain anonymous, if you wish to. Will you join us on our mission to take America back from special interests?

Please email use our contact form so that we can follow up with you.

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