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In Truth, We Trust

  • Louis Doctor
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We The People seeks to harness the collective wisdom and financial resources of a large crowd of 1 million or more Americans from across the political and social spectrum. We want those who share the common goal to release the grip that special interests have on our political system.

We believe that biased news sources and tailored social media feeds that we are subjected to every day has a detrimental and polarizing effect on our country. The result has been to leave many people with the mistaken impression that we are a divided nation. In fact, we are a nation which is overwhelmingly united, but is currently under siege by special interests who benefit when the status quo is maintained or their narrow interests are met.

As a newly formed organization, we don’t start out for or against anything except a common belief that we can improve the quality of our lives by working together. We’re not a conservative or liberal organization in disguise and we won’t allow it to be ‘hijacked’ by either the left or the right.

We believe that the vast majority of Americans share common values and societal interests. The Founders of this nation envisioned a land of opportunity for all. We extend that ideal into a land of equal opportunity. They created a system of government that separated church and state. We extend that principal to welcome members of all faiths or people of no faith at all.

We are simply a large group of people who are willing to listen to all sides of a rational, fact-based argument to help us make an informed choice for the betterment of our country. Our common enemy is anger, ignorance and a lack of empathy for others both inside of our country and outside it. Our common ally is the truth. In truth, we trust.

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Author: Louis Doctor

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