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Job Openings

Policy Analyst / Content Creator

This position is on hold until 2019.

WethePeople.org, Inc is seeking our first full-time team member!

Do you feel like special interests have taken over our political system?

Are you tired of being painted into “red and blue” corners by the news and social media?

Turned off by the choices you have to effect meaningful change?

Do you want to be a part of returning power to the American people by focusing on what unites us, rather than what divides us?


We The People is the country’s first crowdsourced and crowdfunded public policy advocacy organization in the country. We are developing a subscription-based, post-partisan platform where Americans engage in civil dialog on issues where a supermajority of Americans agree action needs to be taken. We leverage crowdsourcing and open source platforms to combine the power of money AND voters to establish a platform of issues by, and for, the people.

We’ve got the basics of our organization in place, and now we are ready to grow. We are focused on socializing our idea and spreading the word – inviting people to learn about our organization and how to get involved and growing our Founder base and leveraging our Founders for feedback on process and platform development.

We are seeking a very motivated self-starter who is excited about being a part of building this movement from the ground up. We need someone with new ideas and new ways of thinking. We recognize that we cannot solve our nation’s challenges with old ways of thinking and outdated power structures.

This is an entry-level position. However, you will be working with senior, very experienced entrepreneurs and managers who are used to working hard and smart. You will have to learn quickly and be adaptable.


Our ideal candidate is:

– Smart: A creative thinker who can articulate complex questions and help answer them

– Curious: You like learning new things, figuring out how things work, and how to change them

– Motivated: A resourceful problem solver who thrives in an ever-changing and challenging environment

– Responsible: In many instances, you will be the ‘face’ of our organization so a friendly and professional demeanor are important qualities

– Passionate about getting stuff done! This includes scheduling conference calls, managing member, founder and team communication and schedules, and assisting with administrative tasks. You recognize that the small things are important and you don’t think you are above doing them – it’s the key component that underlies a high functioning team and you’ve got a great attitude about creating that important stability so that we can grow into a successful and powerful organization.


You have, or are pursuing, an undergraduate degree. We don’t care about your major, but you need to be:

– Widely read in history, economics, politics, literature

– Able to research topics and analyze complex issues

– Curious about how other people and cultures experience and perceive the world

– Collaborative and able to work with diverse groups


You will need a few skills:

– Writing and editing skills for blogs and emails

– Comprehensive knowledge of social media platforms

– Basic web site skills (Word Press)

– Use of G-Suite, Word, PowerPoint / Slides, MailChimp


Bonus skills include:

– Not afraid of math, understanding of basic statistical analysis

– Ideally more advanced skills in Excel or other database/spreadsheet applications

– Basic web programming (Java, Python, PHP or others)


And we have a few ideas about what we’ll have you do, but that could change daily, and you’re good with that:

– Write, develop original content

– Keep the website updated as ongoing changes/improvements are made; also think about ways to change and improve the website

– Research web-based collaboration systems, particularly open-sourced platforms

– Research other organizations and platforms who advocate for political change

– Manage Founder, Member, and email subscriber communication through MailChimp

– Track website, social media and email metrics; seek ways to improve conversion / open rates and/or social media engagement

– Research mobile-friendly tools for member engagement

– Research gamification elements leveraged by other organizations and consider how those might apply to We The People

– Organize meetings, lists, internal communication

– Actively seek out and “interview” potential partner organizations for collaboration and enhanced mission impact

– Other duties as needed. The only limit to this opportunity is your ability.


This is a full time (30-40 hours/week) position. Our office is located in downtown Portland.


To apply, please email your resume or completed LinkedIn profile, along with a cover letter to: info@wethepeople.org.