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Our Super PAC

When our member base reaches 10,000, we intend to form our own Super PAC of The People. A Super PAC can spend an unlimited amount in support (or in opposition) of candidates in federal elections. Under federal law, a Super PAC must report the source of all donations in excess of $200 per year to the FEC (Federal Election Commission). Since our members annual dues fall below this threshold, we won’t have an obligation to report any of our member names to the FEC.

Once we have our SuperPAC formed, we’ll ask our existing and incoming new members for their permission to direct a portion of their monthly donations there. If a member indicates a willingness to do so, we’ll need to confirm that the member is a U.S. citizen or green card holder to comply with federal campaign finance law.

We decided to form the Super PAC for several reasons. First and foremost, it gives us the ability to reward candidates who are willing to support the public policy positions that our members care about. In tight elections, even a small amount of support (usually provided in the form of advertising) for a candidate can make a large difference, so we believe we’ll be able to have a significant influence on the outcome of future elections with only a modest expenditure of member funds. Secondarily, we can also use these funds to call out candidates who take sizable donations from special interest groups so the public knows who is really behind them. Without a Super PAC, our ability to influence the outcome of elections would be substantially diminished.